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Limited Company Accountants To Rescale Your Business

No matter if you are running a business of millions with lots of employees, managing timely financial records is always critical for any business, though it is not a legal requirement. It becomes rather manageable when you are the boss of a coming-out party limited company. It is acceptable that limited company accountants are the strategic leader of your business.

They help you with bookkeeping and set up payroll as per RTI guidelines. Likewise, they handle HMRC and offer tax planning advice. Mostly, they help you to manage accounts more effortlessly than ever before.

Why Do You Need A Limited Company Accountant For Your Business?

To be honest, acquiring a limited company accountants would help owners to scale their business and let them spend their time on company’s growth. Beyond that, you do not have to spend hours looking upon spreadsheets and organising paperwork. Plus, limited company accountants avoid you paying extra fines, purchasing accounting software and training.

The good news is, hiring limited company accountants is easier with niche accounting companies like e-account. 

Accounting For Limited Company

Businesses are always the same, which includes tax filing, payroll, handling HMRC and likewise so on. To be honest, the accounting of limited companies is also not different. Being a director, you do not need to handle all those headaches, unless you have accountants for their duties. Limited company accountants have certain duties that are not limited to settling year-end accounts and VAT returns.


Bookkeeping is vital and truly dreary and time-consuming. Impoverished bookkeeping can easily fall upon HMRC’s fault more often. But Ltd company accountants enable you to avoid regular headaches of bookkeeping and keep your accounts up-to-date every time.

Registering Your Business

When it comes to registering your business, limited company accountants can help you register your business (at your permission). This happens especially in the initial days of your business. Also, they can deliver advice on tax liabilities.


Payroll is tricky for small businesses, as it includes IT calculation and HMRC paperwork. Payroll becomes easier while you have Ltd company accountants. They allow you to spend more time on other productive things. The best thing that happened with them is— they can save your dollars on a large scale.


It is the most complex component in accounting. Having an accountant would help you send away the right payment schemes by abiding required VAT obligations. Finally, they will also help to file VAT returns to avoid late fines.

Managing Annual Accounts

Managing annual accounts is always a must. Failing so leads you to unavoidable outcomes. For that, you have to survive legal action against you. But with Ltd company accountants, they will keep everything organised in its place which includes updated balance sheet, profit/loss account, financial report etc.

Tax Returns

Tax returns are another fundamental aspect of Ltd Company accounting, which you have to submit at the end of each financial year. This should contain everything— even if you lose for the year. For tax returns, managing paperwork seems intimidating but limited company accountants could easily fix that up!

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