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What Does an Accountant do for a Limited Company?

Filing taxes and company accounts are nearly impossible without any software these days. Different electronic formats are required for various documents. Here is where an accountant comes to your rescue. A professional accountant will ensure to take care of these filings. At the same time, accountants also manage other services. Some of them include VAT, bookkeeping, cis, payroll and more. This is why you need an accountant for a limited company to tackle this section of the business. A trusted accountant will help to manage tax-related queries. An accountant for a limited company offers several services that we will discuss below.

Tax Advice

One benefit of running a business as a limited company is that it’s tax efficient. Having an accountant for a limited company helps with tax advice. A professional tax accountant makes sure that the company has a correct structure. In addition, it also ensures that the company tax bill stays low. As an accountant, they can submit personal tax returns as well as company tax returns for company directors. The best part about having an accountant for limited company is that both personal tax and company tax interact. A good accountant will also help you save more tax. These savings will eventually be beneficial for your company.

Management of Accounts

If a business has a professional online accounting system, the owner can deliver exceptional services. There are several accounting software online today that provide transparent insights. These numbers and data offer clear details on the finances. Thus, an accountant for a limited company takes care of the cash flow, pricing, overheads and more. Also, accountants can keep quarterly or monthly review meetings to track areas that need extra work.

VAT Services & Filing of Accounts

VAT is an extremely tedious and complicated tax that requires a ton of work. Getting the VAT wrong can lead to a huge amount of fines from the HMRC. There are some areas in VAT like reporting and construction reverse charge. These need a professional accountant to track the accurate figures. Thus, it is best to keep an accountant for VAT returns. They will even help you submit the VAT on your behalf. Besides, all limited companies are required to submit P&L statements, Balance Sheets and additional notes. These are efficiently handled by an accountant for a limited company. Each of these has deadlines and a particular structure for filing that an accountant manages.


Accountants play an important role in the success of any business. An accountant for a limited company manages several responsibilities at once. From business planning, and filing of accounts, to insurance policies, they tackle them all. A limited company can only benefit from the hiring of an accountant. This is a crucial routine task that needs to be handled by a professional accountant for optimal results. Thus, we suggest hiring an accountant that will ease your worries. And help you with everything related to finance.

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