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What is an eCommerce Accountant?

Ask any eCommerce business owner about their least favourite part of running the business. Most of them will have the same answer: accounting. And this is the case with small business owners.

They usually try to multi-task and do everything by themselves. But will that be fruitful? Your eCommerce business will either live or die based on how well you manage the cash flow.

If the operating expenses and customer acquisition costs are way higher than the total sales volume, your business will eventually land in failure. But, this need not be your case at all. With the right understanding of accounting, you can set up simple processes for the same.

What is eCommerce accounting?

You may wonder what eCommerce accounting is. eCommerce accounting is defined as the collection, analysis, organising, and reporting of financial data within an eCommerce business. The information that you receive through financial data is what leads to future business decisions. Without a quality accounting and bookkeeping system, things can go wrong quickly.

What does accounting comprise of:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting
  • Submitting tax returns

As compared to earlier, bookkeeping does not involve mundane tasks. There are several complicated tasks that an eCommerce accountant needs to perform. Here are some of the responsibilities of an eCommerce accountant.

  • Invoicing
  • Account reconciliation
  • Transaction categorisation
  • Payroll management
  • Balance sheets
  • Account payables and receivables management

Why Is Accounting Important for eCommerce Business?

It does not matter which eCommerce platform you choose. But you need to ensure to have a good system to handle your finances. Here are a few benefits of having a quality e-commerce accounting system in place.

  • Helps with a Stable Business Model: Accounting and bookkeeping are an integral part of any business. No business on this planet doesn’t involve accounting. These offer a reliable system for your business that helps with transactions. You can easily gain insights and forecast the future.
  • Ensures Proper Tax Compliance: Tax and bookkeeping can take a lot of time, effort and dedication. As an owner, you cannot handle all of them yourself. Thus, an e-commerce accountant helps with the financial aspect of the business.

With an eCommerce business, accounting gets even more daunting. This is where an eCommerce accountant comes into play. The world of the internet is constantly evolving. This is exactly why it is difficult to foresee the future. There are many tasks that an eCommerce accountant handles. Let’s have a look at them.

  • An eCommerce accountant prepares and adjusts entries.
  • An eCommerce accountant prepares financial information audits.
  • An eCommerce accountant performs tax planning and reporting.
  • An eCommerce accountant performs financial reporting.
  • An eCommerce accountant oversees financial reporting and risk analysis.
  • An eCommerce accountant also does the financial statement preparation.

When an eCommerce business grows, there is much excitement for the members of the organisation. But, with growth comes huge responsibilities. The lack of an eCommerce accountant will make things go awry in no time. You must hire a professional eCommerce accountant that will offer quality services to your organisation.

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