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Do I need an accountant for the Amazon business?

These days, every entrepreneur values the importance of shifting local businesses to a giant global market such as Amazon because, through Amazon, sellers can present their products to millions of customers. The moving process is not long, but the actual problem arises when orders start to pour in from all around the world, and then soon the seller is keeping track of thousands of pounds of transactions all by himself. This is where an accountant could ease the workflow. Now, let us find out if an accountant is what you need to proceed in your online business.

Having steady sales?   

It does not matter whether you are having £100 worth of profit or £1000 worth every day. If you want to be at the top of your game, you need to keep a record of all your revenues and all your expenditures to analyze your earning and spending patterns. That would eventually help you gain more insights into your financial conditions and how to improve them. In short, get an accountant if you think keeping track of daily sales is too overwhelming for you.

Are you accepting international orders too? 

Keeping a record of international invoices is complicated and hectic. International orders need to be processed with the permission of a tax officer. Then a professional accountant needs to prepare GST invoices and shipping tax-related documents and after that sales currency needs to be converted into local currency and then recorded in the books of the business.

Does your business physically exist?

An Amazon business can also have a part that physically exists. If your business physically exists then probably there are employees and it’s a good idea to keep records of everyone’s daily payroll. The online part of your business may also have employees working for you such as shipping crew, packaging crew, and others. Creating their payroll is also important as they are the ones keeping the business together.

Did you take a business loan?

Taking a business loan can be helpful, but when paying the loan off, an accountant can suggest different types of instalments based on your financial condition. Accountants can also suggest to you the most profitable loan for your business that banks or other unorganized sectors are issuing. Successfully choosing a profitable loan at low interest can positively affect your business.

Are you preparing an incorrect balance sheet?    

At the end of every financial year, all businesses need to prepare a financial statement. That includes a balance sheet that shows that all your business liabilities are equal to all your business assets. Preparing this sheet all by yourself can be incorrect. Even if you come from a commerce background, it’s always better to have an accountant prepare that balance sheet for you.


In conclusion, an accountant is just like a business doctor. Your business needs a professional accountant to survive in a competitive online market. Professional accountants also prepare charts and graphs to show the position of the business and its demand in a current market. So, getting an accountant for a potential Amazon business is necessary.

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